Andropogon glomeratus (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb.

Natural range: U.S. to South America

Habitat: Any, often in wet habitats but ranging to the other extreme

Florida status: The most abundant Andropogon in our area, and extremely variable (divided into multiple varieties in most treatments).

Recognition: This grass is so variable as to be challenging to differentiate it from other species. It tends to be large and robust, inflorescence dense and fastigiate. Ligules usually 0.6-2.2 mm. Leaf blades 3-8 mm wide, often > 37 cm long, the sheath often scabrous. Peduncles usually 6-14 cm. Sessile spikelets 3-5 mm. Glume keels scabrous above the middle, and sometimes scabrous below the middle. Anther usually 1.

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