Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould

Natural range: A highly polymorphic species with extensive synonymy distributed across most of North American and into the Caribbean

Habitat: In diverse habitats, from wet to dry, sunny to shaded

Florida status: Native

Recognition: Lower culms and undersides of leaves glabrous. Ligule absent to about 1 mm. The collar often but not always bearded. Leaf blades to about 8(-14) mm wide (vs. 8-25 mm wide in D. commutatum), sometimes with conspicuous straight marginal cilia, the bases not cordate (or only subtly so on the wider blades, as opposed to strongly cordate in D. commutatum). Spikelets usually 2 mm (occasionally longer) (vs. usually > 2.2 mm in D. commutatum). (See also D. ovale with spikelets > 2.2 mm.)