Dichanthelium ensifolium (Baldwin ex Elliott) Gould

Dichanthelium “ensifolium” is a component in a complex characterized by synonymy and disagreement among authorities. For species in this poorly resolved complex we are following Wunderlin & Hansen (1988, 2003) due to their focus on Florida material.

Leaf blades extremely narrow, with ligule 0.2-0.8 mm. Spikelets 1.2-1.5 mm (smaller than D. portoricense). Lower glume 0.3-0.4, blunt, smaller than in D. portoricense. See also D. chamaelonche, which has shorter spikelets (1.1-1.2 mm) and shorter ligule (0.2-0.7 mm vs. 1 mm), and white-margined leaves.

As circumscribed by Wunderlin & Hansen:

D. ensifolium var. ensifolium (including Panicum chamaelonche Trinius)

D. ensifolium var. breve (Hitch. & Chase) Hansen & Wunderlin

D. ensifolium var. unciphyllum (Trin.) Hansen & Wunderlin (including Panicum tenue Muhl).