Eragrostis scaligera Salzm. ex Steudl.

Natural range: South America

Habitat: Weedy

Florida status: Introduced weed in South Florida, abundant in some areas

Recognition: Small panicle with big spikelets. Panicle to 15 cm long (much smaller than E. elliottii). Spikelets 6–15 mm. Florets 10-35. Leaves to 18 cm. Lee and Collier Co. and Palm Beach mostly. Spikelets resemble E. elliottii but the inflorescence dimensions much smaller. Acropetal. Anthers 2. Leaves extremely narrow (1-2 mm wide), involute.

Eragrostis scaligera (Gramineae, Eragrostoideae), an Overlooked Species
Stephen D. Koch Brittonia, Vol. 27, No. 2 (Apr. - Jun., 1975), pp. 123-126